We need your help!  If you like what we’re doing and want to help us grow and reach more people, please invest in our work by becoming a monthly supporter.

We have four tiers available for our giving partners.  Each one comes with a special thank you package, our small way of welcoming you to the team!

Tier 1 – Jerusalem ($10/month)
Just as the church in Jerusalem was the launch point for the growth of the early church, supporters who give at this level provide a solid foundation for the work Jesus has given us.

$10/month – Jerusalem

Tier 2 – Antioch ($25/month)
The church in Antioch helped grow the early church from a regional community to an international one.  In a similar way, giving at this level helps us not only sustain, but grow the work as well.

$25/month – Antioch

Tier 3 – Rome ($50/month)
Paul needed the church at Rome to help him on this way so he could reach the regions beyond (Romans 15.27-28).  Giving at this level helps us break new ground so we can reach new people.

$50/month – Rome

Tier 4 – Philippi ($100/month)
Throughout his ministry, Paul relied on the believers in Philippi to do the heavy lifting so his work could continue and grow for the long haul (Philippians 4.15-18).  In the same way, people who give at this level play a truly special role in enabling our work and maximizing its impact.

$100/month – Philippi

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  All gifts are tax deductible.  You will receive a receipt.