Obedient Discipleship

The Four Servants of Jesus

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“Who then is the faithful and wise servant?”
– The Lord Jesus

In Luke 12, Jesus tells the story of four servants who were given work to accomplish while their master was away. Each of the servants performed differently and was judged accordingly by their master upon his return. Three of the four servants didn’t fare so well.

What if Jesus is going to hold us to a higher standard than many of us expect him to? This audio focuses on how we can be ready for the Master when he returns.

Themes Explored in this Audio
(0:00) We should be extreme in focusing on Jesus
(7:30) Why it’s critical to develop a healthy fear of Jesus
(12:53) The story of the four servants from Luke 12.41-51
(25.10) The three qualities that show you are taking Jesus seriously
(32:20) Question and answer session

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Cecil has been following Christ and making disciples for over 50 years. He has a passion to see generations of disciple-makers raised up in the kingdom of God. He and his wife Jeanie live in Savannah, GA.