Go and Awkwardly Tell Everyone

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Have you ever taken a personality test or done a Bible study on “giftings” or something along those lines? Most of us have because people generally love to talk about the things they’re good at. Plus, it’s always a little pat on the back to know that we “tend to be a good listener and always make people feel great about themselves.” So those are usually the Bible studies we can all get behind, right? And if nothing else, we come away with a renewed sense of how we can best serve in the Kingdom of God.

But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that Jesus has asked me to do that maybe I’m not so good at. This all started when we began producing regular podcasts here at Into the Harvest. Most of them are a round table discussion with Andrew and Lakeith and little ol’ me. So far we’ve covered some really great topics… or should I say Andrew and Lakeith have covered some great topics and I’ve been along for the ride in my bumbly fashion. Pardon the reference but, I’ve decided I’m basically the female version of Hugh Grant circa 1996.

Me and Big Mo’

It physically hurts my little pride every time I try to listen to one of our episodes (but you definitely SHOULD listen to them – it won’t hurt you that I am the furthest thing from eloquent). I always thought I was a pretty good communicator! But turns out I’m really only a good communicator in written form. But just as I was about to give my written (obviously) notice to Andrew and Lakeith, I read a great passage in Exodus. It tells of how God calls Moses to lead his people out of Egypt and Moses basically says, “No thanks”.

What really struck me about this passage is that when Moses says “I’m not eloquent!” (in Exodus 4.10) – God does not respond with “No! You’re great! You’re not so bad! Etc etc.” Nope, God doesn’t use any of those sort of placating things that we would probably do. No, God totally points to Himself. He reminds Moses WHO made Him and WHO will put words in his mouth. He says, “Now go, I will help you speak and teach you what to say.”

God reminds Moses that its actually not about Moses and his talents at ALL, instead it’s about believing in God’s abilities – which are infinite!

At the end of the story Moses still does not trust that he’s the right man for the job and God gets angry with Moses! I tend to think this is because Moses is still too focused on himself and not enough on God. This is definitely the case with me a lot of the time! When I start to worry about how things are going (This ministry isn’t “progressing” the way it should! There is no way I could share the gospel with that family member, they’re going to get angry! And most recently “I can not keep making this podcast!”) it’s usually because I’m putting too much trust in my own strength.

A Dose of Perspective

In truth, it seems the less there is of us in anything we do the better! We should all be out quoting Paul when he says, “I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.” ( 2 Cor 12.9) and no longer use the standby of “I’m just not gifted at _____ !” as our excuse to not be obedient to what God is calling us to do. Good news! If we aren’t good at something then there is more room for God to get to work and get the glory!

Sadly this means you’ll still be hearing me on Into the Harvest Podcasts for the foreseeable future. But when you do hear me on the podcast, let it be a reminder that we can all be obedient even in areas where we don’t feel gifted or talented.


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