Into the Harvest: The Time is Now

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Have you heard anyone talk about the timing of Jesus’ birth? Its super interesting, if you research the topic, it’ll blow your mind. The thing that sticks out to me, was that God strategically sent His Son to earth when the earth was at a tipping point on communication sharing. Never before had people been able to travel so “speedily” then they were during the time of Jesus’ life and then after. The reason? Rome.

Timing is Everything

Rome had been steadily moving around the known world, building roads and conquering everyone (nevermind the great destruction they left behind!). How very convenient for the Gospel to take off and spread! I personally love history and how it weaves its way into our faith. The Bible is full of kings and kingdoms rising and falling. Even in Jesus’ own story, the governor “just so happened” to require a census requiring Jesus’ parents to travel to Bethlehem! HA! We can now look back and knowingly smile! It all fit into God’s master plan so that prophecy and Jesus’ life would play out just as God said it would.

In hindsight, it is easy for us to see God’s hand at work throughout all history, how He has used wars to bring people to their knees in repentance. How persecution allowed the gospel to spread. How the printing press brought about reformation to His church, just to name a few. But what may not be as easy to see is what God is doing now.

The Time is Now

I would like to be so bold as to say, we have a chance like we have never seen before in time or space, to truly see the world reached with the gospel. I wonder, will someone look back at the invention of the internet and say, “That’s it! That’s when it started!” The beginning of the end!

Sure, I’m probably being dramatic, but I do know that we have, at our fingertips (Literally! You’re probably on a phone right now!) a way to tell more and more people the Good News of Jesus. With the touch of a button, we have the ability to encourage, instruct, and equip believers in a way we’ve never had before!

The Day is Here

Here at Into the Harvest, we are utilizing this gift of technology to do just that. Our desire is to bring the Good News out into the “world” of technology so that no matter where you are, and where you fall in your relationship with Jesus, you feel connected to a community that is ready to help you bring Jesus to your corner of the world. Our hope is to see you ready to step outside your church buildings and be the church in your personal “harvest fields” every single day. That can maybe seem scary or difficult, but we think that we can help!

I don’t know if a podcast or an Instagram story could ever replace the face-to-face encounter (I know it can’t!) but I do believe that those tools can be useful in emboldening us all to do better in our own personal mission from Jesus (and yes, you have one!).

So Get Started!

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Abigail is passionate about encouraging and equipping anyone who wants to see their friends, family, and the check-out girl at the local grocery store, have a personal relationship with Jesus. Her first book, “The Day Between: A Memoir of Miracles” is available on Amazon. You can see her over-share life on Instagram @abigailsday. She lives with her family in San Antonio, TX.