MM100: Principle #3 – Selection

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There’s no question, Jesus could impress a crowd. But his goal was not to impress the people; but to usher in a kingdom.

Jesus came to earth and took on flesh and blood with all its limitations, included the limitations of time and space.

So then how was he going to reach the world with his message and mission? He made a strategic choice. Instead of focusing on programs to reach the multitudes he focused on men the multitudes could follow. Men were his method of winning the world to God.

Mark says that he chose 12 that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach. This is the principle of selection.

Jesus concentrated on those he intended to use. In fact, he staked his entire ministry on the 12.

Will we follow his example? Where will our ministry count? Focusing on the masses or focusing on a few chosen people that will carry on the work after we’re gone?

Scripture: Mark 3.14

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