MM101: Principle #4 – Association

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Jesus came to earth on a mission: to seek and to save the lost. There was nothing random about how he lived his life. He knew his purpose, and he had a plan to accomplish it.

Jesus didn’t focus on the crowds. He focused on training a few that the crowds could follow.

But how did he train them? He didn’t start a seminary. He didn’t write a book. He didn’t offer an online course.

Instead, he chose 12 that they might be with him. This is the principle of association. All Jesus did to teach his men his way was to draw them close to himself.

For 3 years, they were with him all the time and in every situation. Luke tells us that one day while Jesus was praying alone, his disciples were with him.

Preaching to the masses can introduce people to the message but it will never be enough for making disciples. Building men and women is not that easy.

Scripture: Mark 3.14, Luke 9.18

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