MM102: Principle #5 – Consecration

In Mission Minute by Lakeith Jones Comments

Consecration… if you have no idea what that means then we’ve got about 50 seconds! Jesus was consecrated to the Father, set apart to do his will, and he learned obedience through the things that he suffered.

Every moment of Jesus’ life on earth was calculated. He wanted to pass this principle along to his followers. He wanted them to be set apart, not to pick and choose when and where they would obey him.

To the half-hearted Jesus said “ why do you call me, “Lord, Lord!” and don’t do what I say? He was training up leaders for the kingdom and if they were going to be fit for service they were going to have to pay a price.

The cross was but the crowning climax Jesus’ commitment to do the will of the Father. What happened next was men and women being consecrated, set apart to do his will and to obey him – to carry out his work long after he was gone!

Scripture: Luke 6.46, Hebrews 5.8

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