MM103: Principle #6 – Impartation

In Mission Minute by Ryan Bailey Comments

Jesus was a giver. He was constantly giving away what the Father had given him. In fact, he was always laying down his life for others, to the point of giving his life on the cross.

The disciples were always with him and they saw how Jesus served others and passed on the message the Father had given him.

They also knew that he expected them to follow his example. Some important things he gave them were his mindset and mission.

Jesus was clear. He told his disciples: “Freely you have received. Freely give.”

Just as he sacrificed and gave them his time and attention, now they were to sacrifice for others. Just as he had passed on to them the message of the kingdom, now they were to pass that message along to the next generation.

This is the principle of Impartation.

Jesus gave his life away to those who God had given him. We should do the same.

Scripture: Matthew 10.1-8, John 17.8

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