MM104: Principle #7 – Demonstration

In Mission Minute by Brian Trainor Comments

When it came to teaching, Jesus did not force lessons on his disciples. He just kept demonstrating his ways until they asked him what he was doing.

Jesus demonstrated things like prayer, using Scripture, teaching naturally and winning souls.

Jesus saw made sure that his disciples saw his way of living with God and with man.

In fact, his disciples were absorbing his teaching and were being trained to win people under similar conditions for God in the future.  Class was always in session!

Jesus was a master at teaching so much so that he did not let his method obscure his lesson. Jesus did not have a method. His demonstration was the method.

So, those of us that are trying to win souls for Christ must be willing to let them follow us as we follow Christ; we are the exhibit.

It is good to tell people what we mean but it is infinitely better to show them.  People are looking for a demonstration not an explanation.

Scripture: John 13.15, 14.12

Brian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer, now studying Naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University California. He is passionate about sharing Jesus with young soldiers, sailors and students in and around San Diego, CA.