MM107: Principle #10 – Reproduction

In Mission Minute by Lakeith Jones Comments

God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it!”

“Make more people in my image, matter fact, fill the the whole world with them!” This was God’s first command, and God’s plan, God’s plan has not changed.

Reproduction was not an option.

But sin hindered this plan. But sin was no match for Jesus. Jesus rescued humanity and became the new image of God that all men were called to follow. He reproduced and his followers bore his image.

Now, here was the acid test: Would his disciples carry out the message after he was gone? And Yes! they did… but it takes one to make one! People make people, animals make animals, and disciples make disciples.

But don’t be intimidated! Jesus has given us his Spirit and his message so that you too, can reproduce in the image of our Lord.

Scripture: Genesis 1.26-28

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Being in the U.S. Navy enabled Lakeith to travel all around the world. He enjoys discovering new places and people and loves to inspire others to live for Christ. He is a part-time barber and enjoys reaching out to people in the San Diego area, where he now lives.