MM108: What’s Your Excuse?

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“I would like to help but I don’t know enough…”

“I’d love to but I’m kinda busy right now so… maybe next time.”

“I’d love to help people but I’ve just made too many mistakes in my life and God can’t use me.”

Any of these sound familiar? The truth is, there are thousands of excuses — I mean reasons — why we can’t make disciples.

But guess what? Some of the great leaders in the Bible tried making excuses with God and it didn’t work.

Moses — I’m just an ordinary guy, I’m not a good speaker

Isaiah — I’ve made too many mistakes in my life, God can’t use me

Jeremiah — I’m too young, I don’t know enough

Now God doesn’t need our ability but he does demand our availability.

The God powerful enough to make all Creation, can use you. The Lord who died for all sins, can cleanse you.

So no more excuses. Let’s go make disciples!

Scripture: Exodus 4.10-14, Isaiah 6.5-8, Jeremiah 1.4-9

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