MM123: Becoming a Mentor

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Making disciples can be intimidating. In the last mission minute we talked about the importance of finding a mentor. But it’s also crucial to be mentoring someone else.

One of the very first steps is to just start getting time with someone. If we wait until we feel fully prepared, we’ll probably wait a long time. But if we just start getting time with someone this week, we’ll kickstart the process and we can learn and grow as we go.

Paul spent a ton of time with Timothy showing him how to live out his faith. In his second letter Paul tells Timothy, “You know what I teach, you know how I live, and you know what my purpose in life is.”

These things can only be passed on with time and a close relationship. So pray and ask God who you can be getting time with. Reach out to them, put it in your calendar and start getting time with them. And God will give the growth.

Scripture: Matthew 28.18-20; 2 Timothy 3.10-11

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