MM125: What’s It All About?

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Mission Minutes are 60-second videos designed to encourage you and help you dial in your discipleship. They’re all about being a disciple and making disciples in the 21st century.

They’re also part of a larger project and community called Into the Harvest.

In Matthew 9, Jesus looked out and saw large crowds coming to him for help. Most of us would think of this as a good thing! After all, didn’t Jesus want to help the people? But Jesus saw it differently. It was actually a picture of what he was up against.

The harvest was plentiful, but the workers were few. “Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would to send out workers into his harvest.”

Jesus explained, his goal was not to have crowds coming to him but for his disciples to see the need all around them and then move out into the harvest as his co-workers.

Mission Minutes and Into the Harvest are designed to help you become one of those co-workers with Jesus.

Scripture: Matthew 9.35-38

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Andrew has helped launch and lead disciple-making churches across the United States and has trained leaders for the kingdom who are operating as missionaries around the world. He and his family live in San Diego, CA.