MM126: Say It Ain’t So

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Did you know that the words that came out of your mouth proceeded forth from the heart? Matthew 12 says that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” So whatever is stored up in here, will come out of here.

And words are powerful! They have the ability to save a life but also to destroy a life. And that sounds extreme, but Jesus said that “By my words you are cleansed.”

Now I’ve found myself in several situations where I’ve said something that I shouldn’t have and instantly I regretted it. And if I could go back and chase down all those words and get them back I would, but I can’t.

But I’ve learned from it. And I know that I’m not the only person that struggles with that. So if this is something that you struggle with, pray about it and meditate on it and pray like the Psalmist when he said “Set a guard over the door of my lips, O LORD, and keep watch over my mouth.”

Scripture: Matthew 12.34; John 15.3; Psalm 141.3

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Being in the U.S. Navy enabled Lakeith to travel all around the world. He enjoys discovering new places and people and loves to inspire others to live for Christ. He is a part-time barber and enjoys reaching out to people in the San Diego area, where he now lives.