POD010: Church in the Harvest, Pt 2

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Part 2 of our discussion on church in the harvest! Abigail and I share how we came to our present understanding and practice of church, and some of the challenges we’ve faced with church in the harvest. Then we describe what our churches look like and some basics of how we conduct our gatherings before finishing with a discussion of how church in the harvest looks with kids.

We’re hoping these discussions generate questions and feedback from you because we’re going to have our first Q&A show in the near future! If you have a question about something we’ve covered in these two episodes, or maybe something we didn’t cover that you were hoping we would, we want to hear from you.

You can message us on Facebook or Instagram or email your questions to info@intotheharvest.org. Hit us up!

Link to free resource: Quick Study on Church in Acts

Show Notes
04:30   Church as family and flock
09:45   How “we” got here with church in the harvest
17:00   Church as a “7 days a week” thing
26:13   Challenges of church in the harvest
31:20   What do our gatherings look like?
35:50   How kids fit into church in the harvest
41:15    Further resources for our listeners

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